Why Made in Okayama Denim Are Considered the Best in the World

Japanese denim has gained a reputation for being some of the finest denim in the world, especially ones made in Okayama, the Denim capital.

Over the past two decades, Okayama Prefecture in Western Honshu has gained worldwide recognition as the primary supplier of high-quality, vintage-style jeans in Japan. The small seaside city of Kojima, located within Okayama, is hailed as "Japan's Denim Capital," the "Birthplace of Japanese Jeans," attracting denim enthusiasts from all over. 

Okayama's history traces back many centuries to the emergence of small-scale cotton farming and a textile industry centered around Kojima. Given the region's abundance of cotton, indigo dyeing, weaving, and sewing, it may seem logical for jeans to have originated there. 

Despite opening its label in 2023, CRT Jeans & Sports adhere to Okayama’s traditional denim production procedures. Like all Okayama’s denim, CRT jeans are made from high-quality raw material, using imported cotton that are known for their strength and softness. The meticulous production process using time-honored techniques ensures that the jeans quality exceeds that of an average pair of modern day jeans. 

CRT jeans silhouette is inspired by iconic vintage denim from the 70s-80s. With two distinct models, the straight fit and the flare fit, CRT plays homage to the past while honoring the needs and wants of modern day jeans wearers. Their jeans are designed and made with the comfort and agility of its wearers at heart. Their straight fit is designed to accommodate the hip, ensuring a streamlined fit. The flare fit is proportioned to look vintage without being too costume-like. And their signature twin wash has just the right amount of nostalgia!

CRT JEANS & SPORTS now available at Club Luminaries, its first retailer outside of Japan. 

Restocking coming August 2023.


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