What exactly is "Workwear"

Pop-culture has always had an undying love for workwear. But what is it about workwear that makes it tickles the heartstring,earning it a place in the fashion hall-of-fame. 

So what is workwear fashion? Simply put, it refers to clothing that is designed to be functional and durable, with a focus on practicality rather than fashion. This notion leads to workwear having a rather minimalistic shape and form that focus on versatility. Think sturdy fabrics, reinforced seams, and utilitarian design features such as pockets and zippers. In the literal sense, workwear fashion is associated with blue-collar industries such as construction, manufacturing, and agriculture, but it has been adapted and used in many creative industries as top tier layering and styling pieces, loved by Hiphopers, artists, and many more. 

One of the reasons that workwear fashion has become so relevant today is the growing trend of sustainability in the fashion industry. Consumers are becoming more conscious of the environmental impact of their clothing choices, and are looking for ways to reduce waste and support ethical practices. Workwear clothing is often made from durable materials such as denim, canvas, and twill, which are designed to last for years rather than being disposable after a few wears. They age like fine wine and tend to be valued with more stains and holes on them. 

Despite its simple forms, there’s a variety of styles within the workwear branch. One of the most coveted styles is Universal Overall’s reinvented workwear style which boasts characteristics of workwear’s simplicity and sharpness while experimenting with new fabrics and elements that help modernize their workwear for today;s wearer. Universal Overall was originally an all american brand from Chicago, producing high quality workwear on par with Carhartt and DIckies. Nowadays Universal Overall is run by a Japanese company, adding new twists onto their archive of classic designs. 

On the other end of the spectrum is Le Mont Saint Michel, French classic workwear. Since 1913, Le Mont Saint Michel has been on the path of creating the most classic work jacket that looks good and lasts long. While offering some seasonal designs, their main focus has remained on perfecting their work jacket, which has been a staple in the closet of French men and women for centuries. Their work jacket is an embodiment of tradition, authenticity and the concept of sustainability. A work jacket from them is meant to be worn to the ground, flaws and stains are meant to be shown with pride, like battle scars from heavy-wearing. The jacket is kept fresh for today’s audience with non-traditional colors. 

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